Body Care

B' s beauty supply was founded by Mr.Charles Bofah and wife Agnes Bofah from Ghana.We both grew up in the Brong Ahafo region in Ghana.Shea butter was used in the region for variety of things,such as cooking oil,body and hair moisturizer,anti-inflammatory for sprain,arthritis,and a healing slave for babies umbilical cords.over all the years that I was growing up I became impassioned with the need to share shea butter with the world in a way that will benefit everyone,especially the women who made the shea butter and the people who use the product.
In 1989 I moved to the United State Of America and after completing college and working in the field as a respiratory therapist,I started experimenting with shea butter by selling in plain containers in flea markets.
In 2003 I was able to raise enough money while working in the area hospitals as a respiratory therapist and opened a beauty supply store in Joliet ,Illinois,United State selling shea butter.